Acapulco Redux, Julien Desprez & Projectors, Martin Messier

Acapulco Redux, Julien Desprez & Projectors, Martin Messier

January 20, 2015
8:30 p.m

The appearance in 2013 of this solo act with the name of a Mexican port produced by the guitarist Julien Desprez – the creative pillar of the COAX collective and the groups Q, DDJ, Nux and Radiation 10 – made a considerable impact. With its various sound component clashes, smooth shifts, dreamlike, electric discharges and crackling, the vibrations of Acapulco created their own response, up-ending the initial proposal – that of a non-conventional approach to the guitar through a stage set-up with radical lighting, where the musician’s body is found in the middle of new musical densities. The project presented here is a 2015 creation with Julien Desprez (guitar), Grégory Edelein (choreography and stage design) and Cécile Guigny (direction).

The second gem of the evening is the performance piece Projectors by Martin Messier from Quebec: a surgical work where 8 mm projectors are handled and distorted, lit by a digital projector. Starting from work on lighting and the re-synthesis of the almost legendary throbbing generated by 8 mm projectors, the latter come to life outside the projection room, changing into strange, explosive noise machines. Offbeat, uncommon and incongruous, the work draws spectators into a world outside time, lying somewhere between dialogue, meeting and technological contrast.

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La Dynamo de Banlieues Bleues
9 rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin


Martin Messier is from Quebec. In partnership with ELEKTRA Digital Arts Festival for Quebec Digital Paris / Île-de-France.


Picture: Projectors © Maxime Bouchard