Némo Biennial

From 1 October 2015 to 31 January 2016: four months of digital revels in Paris/Île de France, with contemporary digital art, immersive experiences, audiovisual performances, concerts and transdisciplinary shows! You wanted it? Némo’s doing it…

Everything began at the Trianon with Squarepusher, whom we had wanted to invite for a long time and for whom some major Némo travelling companions (1024 Architecture and Herman Kolgen) will open the show. During the Nuit Blanche late night opening, you can discover a completely different sky above Paris with artist Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, a genuine partner of the Biennial with no fewer than five works in four months. The other mainstay of this programme is Franck Vigroux, also with four different performances! Another highlight will be the big “Turbulences numériques” weekend at the Philharmonie de Paris. As the Ensemble Intercontemporain is one of our boldest partners in the crossover between contemporary and electro music, it will be a real delight to see our electronica and soloist repertories succeeding and sometimes mingling with each other, all performed in a positive audiovisual delirium.

Talking of electro, we are sure to rejoice your hearts with Ben Frost, Lorenzo Senni, Jeff Mills, Gazelle Twin, Shapednoise, Filastine and Syracuse, among others. Not to mention Holly Herndon, now back at the height of her glory (after an initial appearance in France during Némo 2013). She will launch the operation Détour, an attempt to imagine the future of live music together by rethinking the concept of the music tour and the link between artists and audiences.

This approach will be based on the SHAPE programme, supported by Europe Créative. This is a platform whereby a group of emerging electronic artists are promoted and broadcast by sixteen European festivals in the ICAS network, to which the Biennial belongs. An occasion to discover the great names of tomorrow from all over Europe. It is very important to know that the Biennial is also an aggregator of programmes and creative energy, with around twenty associated events – and impressive ones at that (including Temps d’images, Transient, Bruits Blancs, Siana, Curiositas, Science de l’Art, VARIATION Media Art Fair, Digital Week, the Prix Opline, Nouveaux Mondes, Photophore, Frasq and In Paradisum).

The Biennial will be not only a contemporary digital art event, but also the natural setting for live shows whose writing or production are based on digital cultures, with a focus on hybridisation, displacements and requalifications. It will be a utopia, a synthesis, a cocoon, a vortex, a precipitate, a cloud, an ecosystem, a local and global rhizome…

And then on 31 January 2016, Prosopopeia will come to an end and mankind will take over again, in the silence of the machines.

The “Biennale internationale des arts numériques-Paris/Île-de-France” is an Arcadi Île-de-France production.

The Biennial is financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme as part of the project known as SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art and Performance in Europe).
With support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication, and the Île-de-France DRAC’s Cultural Economy Department for art action projects initiated by the Biennial.
With support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, and from the Cultural Cooperation and Action Department of the French Consulate General in Quebec as part of the FFQCD (France-Quebec decentralised cooperation fund) – 2015-2016 Biennum.
With help from the Quebec Government Office in Paris and Pro Helvetia, the Swiss culture foundation, in the context of support for events abroad.
With support from Orange.
In partnership with Art2M, MCD Musiques & Cultures Digitales, ProArti and Marcel Cab.


Arcadi Île-de-France

Arcadi Île-de-France provides long-term support to project owners in the fields of stage art (song, dance, opera and theatre) and digital art, by contributing financial aid, aid in kind and industry aid to improve the production and distribution of projects and to support the development and structuring of teams. It encourages artistic research, innovative approaches, pooled resources, changes and new practices specific to the cultural and artistic sector, and contributes to discussions on the sector’s current problems. As part of its task of cultural observation, Arcadi Île-de-France initiates, coordinates and carries out studies. It supports the design and implementation of awareness-raising projects, mediation and artistic and cultural actions aimed at residents of the Paris region through its work as a cultural mediator in Île-de-France high schools, and the “Passeurs d’images” scheme. // www.arcadi.fr

Nicolas Cardou
Interim Director of Arcadi Île-de-France

Delphine Bürkli
Chairwoman of the Board of Arcadi Île-de-France and regional councillor for Île-de-France




Gilles Alvarez
Director of Biennial Némo

Sandra Caffin
Production Manager

Gabrielle Godin
Production Assistant

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