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Midi Danse : Co(AI)xistence de Justine Emard

  • #rencontre

Friday 21 June 2024

  • La Terrasse - Espace d'art de Nanterre
    57 Boulevard de Pesaro
    92000 Nanterre


■ Midi Danse : Co(AI)xistence de Justine Emard

A dance break with the artist Justine Emard presenting her film Co(Ai)xstence, an encounter between a humanoid-robot and a dancer. Endowed with different forms of intelligence, the man and the robot dialogue using the signs of their respective languages, may they be verbal or with the body. By using the system of non-anthropomorphic deep learning, the robot can learn from its meeting with the dancer.


Photo Credit – Justine Emard



La Terrasse, espace d’art, Nanterre 

January 23rd, projection and meet-up with Justine Emard 12:45pm, walk-in ►

With  Mirai Moriyama & Alter- with the participation of Ishiguro lab, Université de Osaka and Ikegami Lab, Université de Tokyo