Nemo, 2021 edition: the theme

Revealing the invisible through art, science and technology

After questioning the plausible autonomy of machines, the resources of chance in digital creation and the potential replacement of humanity by technological species, the Némo Biennial tests the ability of art and technology to reveal what is invisible to us, whether it be natural, artistic or social phenomena.

Many contemporary artists base their work on astrophysical, magnetic, chemical, nuclear, as well as on societal, economic and sociological phenomena, through the manifestation of the imperceptible and the production of new cartographies of “reality”. An art of the infinitely small or the infinitely big is reinvented, one that pays attention to the quiet murmurs, to the weak signals, adventuring itself into critical areas. One that augments itself with unprecedented geometries, satellite data, spectral analysis of sound, machine learning, data-visualisation, Deep Fake to re-read reality, bringing doubt to neo-truths, sometimes go as far as create a new “perceptive faith”.

In the hollow of the invisible of the real world emerges the unheard of new aesthetic forms, as well as an another perception of the world surrounding us.

What do science and technology reveal to us when they are augmented by artistic imaginaries?
What are the unimagined implications of digital and scientific culture and their impacts on our lives and our future?
This fourth edition of the Némo Biennial will seek to reveal the artists and invisible currents of this creation, inviting its spectators, in the words of astrophysicist Michel Cassé, to “adapt our eyes to what they cannot see”.