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Afternoon at Château Ephémère

Song of the World Beast (Xenoangel) / Contre-ciel (Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos)

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Saturday 7 October 2023 from 15h to 18h

  • Le Château Éphémère
    2 chemin des grandes terres
    78955 Carrières-sous-Poissy

Continuous flow installations

Free shuttle service (booking required) from the CENTQUATRE-PARIS (on the rue Aubervilliers side) on Saturday 7 October 2023: departure at 2.15pm / return at 6pm.

Château Éphémère and SIANA propose a journey towards the Other in two poetic, oneiric installations. Nature and technology converge in Xenoangel’s magic for the post-Internet era, while Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos offers us the chance to interact with a sky of our choosing.

#Opening #Exhibition
Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos

Contre-ciel lifts visitors off terra firma on a journey through space and time in the heavens above. An artificial sky interacts with the music of the piano set up for us to play in Tatiana Vilela Dos Santos’ entertaining, deliberately cryptic installation, which alternates between day and night, sprinkles of rain and clear weather.

This work is produced and presented by SIANA, an artistic laboratory and resource center for digital and hybrid cultures in Essonne and southern greater Paris.

#Opening #Exhibition
Song of the World Beast

Song of the World Beast by Xenoangel, a duo formed by Marija Avramovic et Sam Twidale, is inhabited by strange sound critters. The work ventures deep into the animism of the future, revealing metamorphoses in which ecology and extra-human relations are ubiquitous. It’s an interactive composition with music, video, tales and poetry, which explores the bonds and forms of interdependence between all lifeforms. 

© Supreme, 2022, real time animation, Xenoangel

Cover © Supreme (2022) Xenoangel