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Cie Zone Critique 

  • #show & performance

Saturday 11 November 2023 at 4pm and 6pm

  • Scène de recherche - ENS Paris-Saclay
    4 avenue des Sciences
    91190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Duration: 1h
Price: 10 €
Ages 14 and over
Free for students from kindergarten to postgraduate level

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There are a thousand ways to describe this experience, which is both funny and original. One might be to explain that three characters from other lands arrive at ENS Paris-Saclay and proceed to redecorate it as their own real-life metaverse.

© Francesco D’Isa, Sans titre, Midjourney et Affinity Photo, 2022

Earthscape is an adaptation of a text by Emanuele Coccia in which the philosopher traverses sonic landscapes and asks, “If the Earth is a home, how should it be inhabited?” To live in a house is to be surrounded by noises, music, voices and familiar presences. What about living in a theater? There are a thousand different ways to make a home of the ENS theater.

Headphones over their ears, the audience moves about freely as they occupy and gradually discover the theater. Three actors meet each other and get to know the catwalks and backstage, moving in to live there together. An intimate geography where the words are whispered softly into our ears.

© Momoko Seto, 2023

In partnership with Diagonale Paris-Saclay and the Curiositas Festival

Cover © Momoko Seto, 2023