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En vert et contre tout

A curatorial proposition by Jens Hauser

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From Friday 15 to Saturday 16 December 2023

  • Le Générateur
    16 rue Charles Frérot
    94250 Gentilly

Friday 15 December at 8pm
Price: 10€ per ticket

Saturday 16 December from 2pm to 6.30pm
Free admission

Saturday 16 December from 8pm to 10pm
Admission: 10€

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“Green” has become humanity’s paradoxical twin, its Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The widespread push for “greenness” hyper-compensates for the increasing technical manipulation and exploitation of living systems, ecologies, and the biosphere.

Jens Hauser’s curatorial proposition disentangles concepts such as “aliveness,” “naturalness,” “artificiality” and “toxicity” in a series of performances, installations, talks at Le Générateur, workshops and interactions at École polytechnique laboratories. Adam Brown’s complex installation Shadows from the Walls of Death, a 2023 Prix Ars Electronica winner, entails a performative synthesis of toxic green pigments, interplay between shadows and nanoparticles, and the potential for a Homo Photosyntheticus that no longer needs to eat.

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Shadows from the Walls of Death d’Adam Brown (part 1), followed by a roundtable moderated by Jens Hauser

Friday 15 december 20h / 10€ 

Adam Brown deconstructs the symbolic and superficial use of “green,” which is often depicted as being synonymous with ecological and plant health. The performance ironically restores our human connection with the color through the synthesis of the highly toxic pigment Paris Green in an intermedia laboratory.

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Symposium En vert et contre tout

Saturday 16 december from 14h to 18h30 / Free entry 

The symposium will present and cast light on the use of “green” metaphors that defy all reason, from green spaces to green chemistry, greening and toxic green algae. Researchers, artists and scientists will analyze the indiscriminate use of this color, and what the future may hold.

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Shadows from the Walls of Death by Adam Brown, (part 2)

Saturday 16 december from 20h to 22h / 10€ 

The second and final series of experiments performed by Adam Brown in his laboratory, which investigate questions related to micro-organisms, detoxification via plants, phytoremediation and the representation of “nature” from an exclusively human perspective. Exploring the properties of extremophile bacteria and sunflowers, the artist will attempt to recreate – bioremediate – Van Gogh’s mythic motifs.

Also to be found as part of En vert et contre tout
Friday 15 December from 9.30am to 5.30pm at CNRS-École Polytechnique, Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique (LadHyX), 91128 Palaiseau
Demonstrations and hands-on workshops (free to attend, registration required at

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