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Hemispheric Frontier & Lune Dichroïque

Encor Studio & Jérémie Bellot

  • #installation

From Thursday 16 November 2023 to Wednesday 10 January 2024

  • La Défense
    Esplanade du Général de Gaulle
    92400 Courbevoie

Works on display continuously, and activated from 7am to 9am and from 5.30pm to 10pm
Free access

Biennale Némo is continuing its partnership with the events team for Paris La Défense and its Esplanade, an ideal location for showing art in public space. Works by Encor Studio (also present in the exhibition at CENTQUATRE-PARIS) and Jérémie Bellot explore human perception and open new dimensions to reality as we know it. 

Hemispheric Frontier 
Encor Studio  

An enigmatic immersive experience – almost organic and breathing – Encor Studio’s Hemispheric Frontier installation alters our perceptions and questions the notion of frontiers. The installation’s neon lights glimmer on the watery surface and play with our perceptions of clear and cloudy, light and water, reflection and transparency, leading spectators to venture into new dimensions of reality.

Lune Dichroïque
Jérémie Bellot 

An allegory for the way in which truth and reality can be subjective (depending on the observer and their vantage point), Jérémie Bellot’s Lune Dichroïque serves as a reminder that just as the moon doesn’t produce its own light but reflects sunlight, we are also dichroic – we are transformed by our environment and those around us.

© Bartosch Salmanski 

Cover © Bartosch Salmanski