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  • Performing Arts

Julie Vacher

Le Banquet des activités humaines exigeant un effort soutenu

  • Sound installation

From Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 December 2021

  • Le Générateur
    16 rue Charles Frérot
    94250 Gentilly

Free access

Like a ventriloquist hydra, the fruit of a cyborg becoming, the sound and visual installation Le banquet des activités humaines exigeant un effort soutenu (The Banquet of Human Activities Requiring Sustained Effort) uses sound poetry to think about the injunctions of the world of work and machine learning technologies.

As part of Biennale NOVA_XX

A manager, a therapist, a translator, a cryptologist and a speaker. In a laboratory, five employees feed an artificial intelligence.

Representative of our contemporary society (economy, health, digital, media) and selected for the language imposed by their professions, the guests feed their immaterial employer with their monologues.

However, the contours of an emancipating and poetic language, made of neologisms, rhythms and choruses, gradually take shape and will divert the process.

At the heart of a techno-tinkered device, the equipped voices, on the border between the physical and the virtual, take shape through the spatialization of sound and multi-channel (audio, text display, light). An immersive experience dedicated to the story of a human-machine symbiosis via language.

Image: La Mytho : Studio training (2019) – Julie Vacher, adagp 2021

Actors :

  • Johana Beaussart
  • Isaure de Galbert
  • Anna Jacob
  • Maud Pougeoise
  • Clair Finch

Sound engineer: Valentine Gelin

Stage manager: Daniel Vacher

Programmer: Adrien Fontaine

Set design: Saloméja Jacquet

Lighting design: to be defined