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Le Roi est mort

Aloïs Leclet

  • #show & performance

Saturday 2 December 2023 at 20h30

  • Le !POC!
    Parvis des Arts
    94140 Alfortville

Duration: 45 mn
Price: 8/10€

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© Matthias Damay

This piece by artist Aloïs Leclet, whose research and practice intertwine dance and digital technology, flows from the observation that the rise of artificial intelligence is a universal revolution. It has already begun to transform humans, altering their perceptions and desires. For better or worse.

In Le Roi est mort (The King is Dead), Aloïs Leclet tests the capabilities (and the limits) of artificial intelligence in a quintessentially human domain: the art of choreography. The dancer and the audience experiment together in a performance choreographed in real time by AI – a truly data-driven work in which dance and technology are intrinsically interconnected.

Cover © Matthias Damay