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Lumen Texte 

Collectif Impatience

  • #show & performance

From Thursday 9 to Friday 10 November 2023

  • Maif Social Club
    37 rue de Turenne
    75003 Paris

Thursday 9 November at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm
Friday 10 November at 6.30pm and 7.30pm

Duration: 45 min
Free with reservation
For all audiences aged 12 and over


Free registration

What if theater could ask itself the question “I is an other?”. Collectif Impatience proposes a performance with no one on stage – a textual and imaginative collaboration with the audience in real time, which scratches beneath the surface.

Lumen Texte is a performance for a video projector and an empty stage. Lumen Texte is a text that speaks on its own behalf, in words directed at the audience. The dramaturgy of this address, central to the process, weaves a web of connections between the text, the audience, the space, the bodies present and the time spent together as a group.

Engaging with the audience on the possibilities for experiencing a shared moment, the words tell stories and sometimes call for action, but without us ever knowing whether the performance will change course. In the midst of the “spectator-animals” and the words generated, a multitude of encounters take shape, bringing to the fore the questions raised by transhumanism and the possibility that coding may one day dominate human life.

Cover © Hélène Harder