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Marais DigitARt

Closing evening of the augmented reality walk

  • #exhibition

Thursday 5 October 2023 from 18h to 21h

  • Galerie Charlot
    47 rue Charlot
    75003 Paris

From Wednesday 13 September to Saturday 23 September 2023 in around twenty locations

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Galerie Charlot, a longstanding partner of Biennale Némo, is France’s leading gallery specialized in the digital arts. For the closing evening of Marais DigiARt, the gallery will be immersed in a virtual world of augmented reality that will extend outdoors to a walk in the Marais district. 

© Baron Lateigne

This autumn, Galerie Charlot is partnering with some twenty cultural spaces, galleries and museums in the Marais, a historic and cultural district in Paris, for Marais DigiARt. The exceptional three-week event will showcase all that digital art has to offer, in every form, from interactive installations to photos, videos and screenings, along with works in virtual and augmented reality.

Marais DigitARt will also include a digital street art experience: an outdoor walk in the neighborhood to experience virtual works in augmented reality.

Cover © Sabrina Ratté