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Paradis Noir

The Penishment

  • #concert

Saturday 4 December 2021 from 21h to 21h30

  • Maison des arts de Créteil
    1 place Salvador Allende
    94000 Créteil

Length: 30 minutes

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Live electronic set from Paradis Noir coinciding with the release of his new album Penishment. Expect ultra-slow, distorted hip-hop beats, metal guitars, atonal orchestra samples, and thunderous industrial breakbeats manipulated live, somewhere between Tool and Aphex Twin.

For the release of their second album “Penishment” on the Antigluten label, Paradis Noir is preparing a live electronic set that is wilder and darker than their previous ones. Ultra-slow and distorted hip hop rhythms, metal guitars, atonal orchestral samples, shattering industrial breakbeats manipulated live, all animated by the sampled voices of Claudine Sourdeval (Dear Deer), Black Sifichi and rapper Vîrus.

Jefferson Lembeye continues to explore the sparsely populated territories of an eruptive, non-repetitive and non-standard electronic music with Paradis Noir.

Production : Jefferson Lembeye (Paradis Noir)
Label : Antigluten

Photo © Quentin Chevrier