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Opening night – Biennale Némo 2023

Opening of the exhibition / Maxime Houot Light Instalation / evening of audiovisual performances with Evian Christ, Franck Vigrou & Antoine Schmitt, Meuko! Meuko! & Noneye

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Saturday 30 September 2023 from 20h to 00h

Opening of the exhibition from 2:00pm to 8:00pm
Outdoor installations all day long from 2:00pm to 11:30pm
Ataraxie Installation all day long from 2:00pm to 11:00pm
Audiovisual performances & concerts from 8:00pm to 00:00am

The opening day of the eponymous main exhibition at Biennale Némo features a light installation on view for that Saturday only. The day will culminate with an exceptional line-up of audiovisual performances and concerts – powerful, crowd-pleasing live acts that offer a glimpse of how digital technologies can be harnessed and repurposed into works of total art. A wonderful biennial to all!

Let us know if you’d like to attend by registering online!

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Evian Christ (Liverpool)  

Producer, DJ and composer Evian Christ is signed to Tri Angle Records, Warp Records, Very Good Beats, and Donda (Kanye West’s publishing house, with which he collaborated on the album Yeezus). His live shows are created in collaboration with the artist Emmanuel Biard, who designs backdrops filled with lights, lasers and glass. Few days after the release of his new album REVANCHIST, the multi-talented don of the electronic scene and master of the underground will cap off the opening day of Biennale Némo with a live techno-trance performance.

Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt

Composer Franck Vigroux and visual artist Antoine Schmitt are two of the emblematic artists of the Némo Biennial. Opening with Franck Vigroux’s new album on the legendary Raster-Noton label, the duo will present VIDEOSCOPE, possibly the most powerful of their maximalist shows. Without neglecting a certain melodic euphoria, they will transform our minds into machines, on an infinite journey through space and time on the autobahns of a world undergoing profound transformation.

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Meuko! Meuko! & Noneye (Taïpeï)  

Meuko! Meuko! is a young Taiwanese producer who combines clubbing, odd sounds, improvisation and ritual performances that hearken back to the spiritual landscapes of Taiwan. Against the backdrop of images and 3D animation by Noneye, she crafts a visual and aural experience that shifts between Taoist gods, gaming, decadent urban landscapes reclaimed by nature, and hellish metaverses….

Concerts & performances at 8:00pm

© Collectif Coin
© Collectif Coin

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Maxime Houot (Collectif Coin)

In Ataraxie (meaning “peace of spirit”), Maxime Houot enthralls the audience with a hypnotic, meditative sequence set in motion by an installation spanning over 30 meters. Sprawling, mechanical arms perform a ten-minute choreography with a series of immersive scenes. Starting off like a slow boat on a calm sea, the performance gradually takes possession of the entire space and closes with an astonishing finale.

Performance at 2:00pm, installation all day long until 11:00pm

© Maison Autonome, image courtesy of Universal Everything
© Maison Autonome, image courtesy of Universal Everything

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I is an other ?

At the heart of Biennale Némo 2023 is the question of multiple identities. The main exhibition at CENTQUATRE-PARIS offers an impressionistic journey through a succession of aesthetically spectacular works, playful creations, videos, and installations that approach the many facets of the digital age from a critical, informative perspective.

Opening from 2:00pm to 8:00pm Ouverture de l’exposition de 14h à 20h. Exceptionnal free access.

avec le soutien de la Délégation générale du Québec à Paris, du Ministère de la Culture et des Communications et du Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec et du Centre culturel de Taïwan à Paris

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