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Zero Autonomy Exhibition at Cité internationale des arts

  • Exposition

From Friday 22 November to Sunday 1 December 2019

  • Cité internationale des arts
    18 rue de l’Hôtel de Ville
    75004 Paris


Autonomy Zero

Co art director : Gilles Alvarez (CENTQUATRE-Paris) and Dominique Moulon (associate curator Nemo Biennial)

There are many ways to conceive the lack or loss of autonomy, for humans as well as machines.

By analyzing our relationships with technology, we understand that this missing autonomy is an important society issue. As a matter of fact, over time, we have given our knowledge and intelligence to servers and applications. This includes our most intimate memories that we are totally unable to precisely locate. We lose our minds at the thought of having a low battery or a disconnected network, even for a short amount of time. Who has never experienced this kind of temporary missing power or service without feeling desperately helpless? Even moving around requires the computation of devices and we continue to ignore their extreme complexity. Our autonomy is progressively diminished as we delegate them with more and more tasks even though we know their potential instability. Zero Autonomy’s exhibition aims to put the human back into the machine as well as reveal the importance of our decisions and intuitions that will remain so for years to come. Algorithms, we have been told, are supposedly able to learn by themselves if, and only if, we stimulate them. It is this essential stimulation that we want to examine throughout artworks that emerge from the relations between knowledge and know-how. When artists are very close to the technological apparatus, they activate them to create art together. Beyond the lack or absence of autonomy, is the interdependency that is the essential value of today’s art in the era of digital omnipresence. 

Image credit –Mark of Marion Balac and Carlos Carbonell


  Artworks and artists


Cybernetics: From 1942 onwards de Donatien Aubert 

Mark de Marion Balac et Carlos Carbonell 

Landscape Past Future et The loudest sound in the room experienced very quietly d’Adam Basanta 

IAgotchi de Rocio Berenguer 

A Truly Shared Love d’Emilie Brout et Maxime Marion 

L’Être, la Machine et le Néant de Christophe Bruno 

À cœur ouvert de Quentin Destieu 

MinitelSe de Benjamin Gaulon et Jérôme Saint-Clair 

need ideas!?!PLZ!! d’Elisa Giardina Papa 

—  Data Shop de Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet 

Asemic Languages de So Kanno et Takahiro Yamaguchi 

Oracle et Fifteen pairs of mouths d’Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos 

Nintendogs de Fabian Kühfuß 

Positioning systems VI – Falling objects de Pe Lang 

DreamBank de Claire Malrieux 

URL Stone d’Egor Kraft 

Where Is My (Deep) Mind? de Julien Prévieux 

Résidence de Bérénice Serra avec Marion Balac, Raphaël Fabre, Mathieu Tremblin, Arzhel Prioul et Julien Toulze.




Cité internationale des arts, Paris 4e 

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