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Esther Bouquet

Extraction and Monetization of Human Assets

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Saturday 16 October 2021 from 10h to 19h

  • Maif Social Club
    37 rue de Turenne
    75003 Paris

10 am to 7 pm
Performances for 2 people
Length: 15 minutes
Ages 15 and up

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You shop for a dinner with friends in stores, on your phone, and on your computer. Over the course of several hours, various data is collected from your devices, methods of payment, and communication tools. But what does that really entail? That’s the question posed by EMHA.

It’s your birthday. You’re organising a dinner with friends and it’s up to you to handle the menu, the guest list and the shopping. Using your computer, you looked at your favourite website to find the recipe for the meal. When you went out to buy the ingredients, you discovered that your usual store didn’t have everything you needed, so you looked up directions to a specialty shop on your phone.

When you got back home, you sent a message to your group chat with a photo of your shopping and a reminder of your address and the time. Your guests arrived to find you frazzled and the dinner nowhere near done, so you ended up ordering from a food delivery app.

If we were aware how pervasive these collection mechanisms are, would we change our consumer habits? If we could finally find out which data was collected and why, would we decide to hide our information or monetise it? Come meet with an EMHA specialist to understand how investing in your privacy isn’t just a competitive advantage—it’s an absolute necessity.

Image © Maif social club