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Exploring the Invisible

Launch event

  • Concert & Performance
  • Exhibition
  • Lecture

Tuesday 9 November 2021 from 18h to 22h30

  • École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay
    4 Avenue des Sciences
    Gif-sur-Yvette 91
Shuttles on reservation:
Going there: Porte d'Orléans > ENS Paris-Saclay
4.30 pm - 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm
Return: ENS Paris-Saclay > Porte d'Orléans
8.30 pm - 10 pm - 11 pm

Reservation required for the show La Tempête by Véronique Caye and for La Dispute d'AgroParisTech : Invisible animal
Free registration

The 9th of November marks the large-scale launch of Exploring the Invisible, the momentous arts and sciences series at Biennale Némo 2021, featuring music theatre, installations, an exhibition, a debate, and an outdoor show of artworks. The programme was developed by Biennale Némo, the Scène de Recherche theatre at ENS Paris-Saclay, La Diagonale University of Paris-Saclay, the Siana festival, the Arts & Sciences Chair at École polytechnique, École des Arts Décoratifs-PSL, and Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso.

On the programme

6-8pm – AgroParisTech Disputes #2 : Invisible animal – Dorothy Hodgkin Amphi

Synthetic meat, vegetable substitutes for meat… New technologies are presented as solutions to several major issues: livestock farming as a major emitter of greenhouse gases, and the question of animal welfare.
The “French FoodTech” intends to establish itself as a key player in our new eating habits. But is the problem the meat or the factory?

18h45 et 21h30 – Show : La Tempête by Véronique Caye
Theatre, augmented reality – Length: 1 hour 15 mins

8:15 – 8:45 pm – Opening ‘Exploring the invisible’ Grand Amphi

Sylvie Retailleau, President of the University of Paris-Saclay, and Pierre-Paul Zalio, President of the ENS Paris-Saclay, launch the event highlighting the importance of the encounter between research, creation and training at the heart of the ENS Paris-Saclay and the University of Paris-Saclay

19h15 and 21h30 – Guitares et canopée by Nicolas Perrin with Alexis Tessier, Tom Mansion and Louis Lalay 

21h – Performance – Instabilités by Tristan Menez and Benjamin Le Baron
Length: 30

21h45 – RCO (Radical Choregraphic Object) by Sarah Fdili Alaoui and Jean-Marc Matos

Installations, Projections, Immersive events

Passengers  – Guillaume Marmin, the nomadic work of Biennale Némo 2021 (until 22/11) / La Ligne Rouge Filipe Vilas-Boas / Rêve quantique Virgile Novarina, Walid Breidi, Labofactory (Jean-Marc Chomaz & Laurent Karst) / La Grande accélération Florent Di Bartolo & Xavier Hautbois / Homogenitus  – Marie-Julie Bourgeois / Scène de lumière Éric Michel with Gain Scenography / Exhibition of “1% artistique” works with Jean-Marie Appriou, Matali Crasset, Tobias Pils

Visuel © Photo : Igor Siwanowicz / Conception graphique : Arp is Arp