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Les Disputes d’AgroParis Tech #1

Demain : des fermes gratte-ciel ?

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Wednesday 13 October 2021 from 18h to 21h

    5 rue Curial
    75019 Paris

“Are skyscraper farms coming?”

Our partner AgroParisTech is launching this season of the Disputes debate series with its customary pairing of specialists on an ecological issue who have contrasting views, alongside an artist with a highly critical perspective on the subject. The first debate topic dovetails with Beyond Reality? – The Exhibition and its “Unnatural Natures” space.

6 – 7 pm : guided tour of the “Unnatural Natures” space of the exhibition “Beyond Reality?” in the presence of the artist Donatien Aubert

Free entry on reservation of the event

7 pm : La Dispute D’agroParisTech : “Are skyscraper farms coming?”

Free entry on reservation

Farming land continues to disappear as cities expand, and we can now grow just about anything using artificial soil—or no soil at all, like for 90% of the tomatoes we eat. So what good is soil?

To debate the topic, we invite

AgroParisTech Professor Claire Chenu, Special Ambassador for Soil to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Donatien Aubert, a visual artist who produces living works. Aubert’s cybernetic gardens can bloom at any latitude or height. The works illustrate the influence of cybernetics on geoengineering, a branch of ecology that is a bit overzealous with technology. An urban farmer will join them to defend the advantages of soilless agriculture.

Pascal Hardy, founder of Agropolis and Nature Urbaine

Image: Donatien Aubert, Les jardins cybernétiques, film still © Donatien Aubert