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Nuit Blanche at Saint-Merry church – Guillaume Marmin: Glory Moon

  • Exposition
  • Spectacle

Saturday 5 October 2019 from 20h to 03h

  • Église Saint-Merry
    76 rue de la Verrerie
    75004 Paris


■ Guillaume Marmin: Glory Moon

A nocturnal metamorphosis of Slodtz’s Gloire dorée (1753) that decorates the Saint-Merry choir, a luminous sphere radiating throughout the nave, sculpting and revealing this space in three dimensions. An immersive scenography made up of more than 200 specific projectors, Glory Moon invites us to a physical exploration of the links between light, sound and architecture.

© Maxime Brochier




Saint-Merry church, Paris 4e

Performance from 8pm to 3am ► free entrance

Conception: Guillaume Marmin

Sound design: Jean-Baptiste Cognet et Philippe Gordiani

Production: TETRO+A

Technics: Maël Pinard et Simon Zerbib