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Exhibition Les Hôtes | Jérôme Poret

  • Exposition

From Saturday 5 October to Sunday 15 December 2019

  • La Maréchalerie - Centre d'Art Contemporain
    5 Avenue de Sceaux
    78000 Versailles


■ Jérôme Poret : Les Hôtes

The Maréchalerie has invited Jérôme Poret to produce an exhibition and to join forces in the organisation of Manèges, the annual cycle of debates.

In 1884, convinced that a curse had been placed on her family due to the invention by her father-in-law of the first bolt action rifle, the widow of Winchester started the construction of a house that would only be finalised 38 years later. Every night, she would communicate with the spirits, the presumed victims of the rifle, who would supply her with plans for a house in permanent construction, that had at the death of its owner in 1922 more than 160 rooms. Taking inspiration from this story, Jérôme Poret produced for the exhibition a set of artworks conceived in a relationship at the crossroads of architecture and spiritualism.


For the Nuit Blanche, two exceptional events:

● 6:30PM ● Public presentation of a discography of spectral voices, mediumship, possession or hypnosis through different musical genres and photographic documents. In the company of Philippe Baudouin and Catherine Guesde.

● 8:30PM: HOME ● Inspired by Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves, a projection in the courtyard of gathered extracts of an iconography of the haunted house, of imaginary cryptography of architectures and homes under hypnosis. The whole accompanied in music by Catherine Guesde with her solo project CIGUË and by Jérôme Poret aka Bassextension.


Credit picture « The 44 calibre Winchester rifle was found frozen in time © National Park Service »




La Maréchalerie – Centre d’art contemporain / ENSA-V (78)

Exhibition running from september 20th to december 15th

Special opening for the Nuit Blanche from 2pm to 1am