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  • Visual Arts

Somaticae & Laurent Carlier / Anabelle Playe

Vidéo-surveillance, Sur-prise du visible

  • Concert & Performance

Thursday 21 October 2021 at 20h30

  • Le Générateur
    16 rue Charles Frérot
    94250 Gentilly
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An evening of audiovisual performances at Le Générateur at Le Générateur follow the exhibition opening of Sur-prise du visible at Le Lavoir Numérique.

Somaticae and Laurent Carlier – Amesys vs. Habiter le bruit

Under his pseudonym Somaticae, Amédée De Murcia explores rhythmic excursions full of breaks and caught in a quivering bath of saturation and feedback. The making of his record was inspired by – and is dedicated to – Amesys, the French company responsible for the surveillance software technologies used by several dictatorships around the world. Laurent Carlier – creator of Vision’R VJ Festival and curator of the exhibition Vidéosurveillance, sur-prise du visible – will join him for the duration of the audiovisual concert with a live VJ creation.

Anabelle Playe – M Δ G N Δ

A powerful and magnetic electronic audiovisual performance in which dance, light and video are integrated into the composition process.These sister witches electrify the codes of the concert, deploying new listening spaces.

Annabelle Playe – Conception and live electronics
Cassandre Muñoz – Choreography and interpretation
Alexandra Radulescu – Live visuals
Nadia Ratsimandresy – Martenot waves

Visual © Claire Courdavault